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Expert Tax Planning

At The American Tax Center, we specialize in providing expert tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. Our team stays up to date with the latest tax laws to ensure that you get the maximum refund possible.

Mr Baker prepares each return individually. Mr Baker has vast experience in individual, corporate, partnership, fiduciary, trust, estate, gift, generation skipping, nonprofit, non-resident returns. Cryptocurrency reporting. Corporate forms such as W-2’s, 1099’s 940, 941, and virtually any other return or informational tax form required by the US Treasury or any US State taxing authority. 99% of all returns are electronically filed. Of the few that are “paper filed”, they follow requirements as set forth by the US Treasury. American Tax Center is an authorized Electronic Return Originator. 

Enrolled Agent, US Treasury

As an Enrolled Agent recognized by the US Treasury, we have the authority to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Our team has the knowledge and experience to navigate complex tax issues and provide effective representation before the IRS.

Past Due Returns

Un-filed returns accrue a 5% per month penalty to 25% plus interest, failure to pay and possible penalties for  inadequate quarterly deposits plus additional penalties and interest. The American Tax Center can assist you in preparing and filing past years returns, bringing you into compliance, ameliorating  penalties, and reestablishing tax attributes ( carry-forward credits), and possibly even obtaining refunds. 

Business Returns, Estate, Gift & Trust Returns

Transferring wealth to designated beneficiaries, 529 College savings accounts, estate planning from a tax savings point of view, Family Limited Partnerships, valuation techniques, gift tax issues, current tax exemptions, portability of remaining exemption available when one spouse passes, and discounts available with properly structured family partnerships.

Many of my clients invest in rental properties. They invest in properties that are well located, provide reliable cash flow, easy to maintain  with potential to appreciate over time. Good cash on cash return with an equity dividend. I have vast experience in this field. I can assist in all aspects of these endeavors. For example, choosing the correct basis for a property, tracking capital improvements over the ownership period, setting the correct depreciation schedule, cost segregation if appropriate, and advising clients on the anticipated capital gains or losses before divesting an asset(s), are all part of the expert analysis provided by our firm.



 Many of our clients set up trusts on the advice of legal counsel: for asset protection, estate planning purposes, to address special needs, and minor beneficiaries. Discussion of successor trustees, and beneficiaries. We advise our clients on the tax ramifications of trusts.

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